It’s hard to believe, but websites that can’t be viewed or navigated on mobile devices still exist.

And worse than that, organizations are still opting to build websites, even today, without mobile in mind.

For charities, foundations and non-profit organizations hoping to raise funds online, the statement above is more unsettling when we dive into stats and results. A recent U.S report by Dunham and Company looked at 151 non-profit websites and found that most weren’t optimized for mobile and many expected potential donors to click through at least 3 times to make their donations. In today’s world, that is a set-up for failure.

How is this possible when in 2013, online giving grew 14% according to the Network for Good’s Online Giving index. In addition to this and more importantly, studies into non-profits have shown that over half of donors use smartphones, yet of the 151 organizations surveyed, only 16% had donation pages that were optimized for mobile.

When charitable giving is at an all time high as reported by Giving USA Foundation’s recent report, it’s becoming less of a choice and more of a necessity for these organizations to ensure that they’re not missing out on potential donations just because their website is difficult to navigate or impossible to use.