There aren’t a lot of things that I don’t enjoy, however, the one thing i’d prefer not to do is talk about myself.

In this case, however, I think it makes sense. This will give you an idea of how BigLittle began. It has a little and a lot to do with the sum of my past experiences.

I grew up in a coastal town in South Africa. As a developing country it suffered with the characteristics of poverty, crime and corruption as well as apartheid and discrimination. In all of this, however, I enjoyed a pretty happy, somewhat carefree young existence. Only later in life did I realize the impact of being exposed to those everyday realities would leave me with a yearning. I want to change things and make them better. This thought or dream is what set the wheels in motion to finally lead me to where I am now.

I was fortunate enough to graduate and move to London in the UK, where I began my professional life in the hustle and bustle of one of the worlds biggest cities and financial hubs.  Working as a marketing professional in the for-profit industry, I was surprised at how quickly I realized this was not where I wanted to be. Of the many memories I have, one that is indelibly marked in my mind was a seven minute trip on the underground from Bank Station to Mile End Station. I took this trip one day as we were busy vetting potential charities my company would be donating to that Christmas, which happened to be based in Tower Hamlets. Long story short, I was in awe of the charity and the work they were doing for the local community which, the most shocking of all had the second highest unemployment rate in London and the highest rate of illness and pre-mature death. I remember asking myself how was it possible that in a few minutes I could go from the core of one of the world financial spearheads to absolute poverty and despair. This was the first time I was forced to think about this stark reality.

Almost three years ago, I moved to Vancouver in Canada knowing three certain things on how I would approach this next chapter of my life. Firstly, support from your family and network of friends is what gets you through tough times. I had seen all too often how the lack of solid support networks ravaged communities in desperate need. Secondly, I really wanted to do good, make a difference, or at least be part of making things better in the world. Lastly, to just be unbelievably grateful.

It was only after reading a story to my son one evening, that I realized the time had come to get my wheels in motion and make the change happen that I wanted to see in the world. Thank you to the story of ‘The little engine that could’ for all the inspiration I needed to lay the tracks for a future where I will work together with a great team of passionately driven people and collaborate with clients to make a difference.

Whether a first world country or third, similarities occur. We are all faced with problems and social issues that need our help and dedication to get them solved. There are so many people and organizations committed to making a difference. They need our support so that those in need are helped. This tiny planet we live on can sustain our future generations and we can continue to strive for a world that works for everyone where no-one and nothing is left out.

BigLittle is a humble charge as part of the movement toward a bigger and better future for all of us.