Carolling For A Cause

As a first of it’s kind, Yule Duel aims to be the event of the festive season. Supporting the great work that May’s Place does, this event aims to bring friends and families together to sing, cheer and enjoy the festive holidays through a fun carolling competition.

This project was more than just a website build. It was an opportunity to create a brand for this event that could stand the test of time. We wanted to evoke feelings of  joy, happiness, community, heritage, coming together and having fun to support a great cause. After establishing what is now the Yule Duel brand, we built a site to not only speak to the event details and story but also provide a place for each choir to individually fundraise for their team.

“Once our site was up and running, our event came to life. It transitioned from being an abstract idea to a legitimate thing in the world, and we immediately  saw a positive impact in our pitches to potential partners and participants. The website BigLittle built has become our event’s sleek and professional calling card, conveying – more strongly than we ever could in words alone – that our event was something real and something special.”